A World of Opportunity

Simpa Networks seeks to unlock underserved markets. Through pricing innovation, we ensure essential services, like energy, are accessible and affordable - for everyone.

We envision a world in which everyone has access to abundant, clean, modern energy.  That’s a world of opportunity.

Simpa Networks is a venture-backed technology company with a bold mission: to make modern energy simple, affordable, and accessible for everyone.  Simpa has introduced a product and business model that will make sustainable energy choices “radically affordable” to the 1.6 billion Base of the Pyramid (BoP) consumers who currently lack access to electricity.

Simpa sells distributed energy solutions on a “Progressive Purchase” basis to underserved consumers in emerging markets.  We’ve launched in India where we are focusing initially on transforming the market for solar energy systems.  Our customers make a small initial down payment for a high-­quality solar PV system and then pre-­pay for the energy service, topping up their systems in small user-­defined increments using a mobile phone. Each payment for energy also adds towards the final purchase price. Once fully paid, the system unlocks permanently and produces energy, free and clear.  The innovative pricing model is called Progressive Purchase™, and Simpa is live with customers in Karnataka, India.

Our model is built upon our proprietary risk mitigation technology which creates opportunities for market rate and social investors to invest in the expansion of energy access.