22 Aug WIPO: Pay-as-you-go Solar Power

“While for many people, electrical power is available at the flick of a switch, for some 1.6 billion people around the world without access to grid electricity this remains a dream. An innovative technological and financing solution developed by Simpa Networks, however, promises to transform

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05 Jun PV MAGAZINE: Lighting the way ahead

PV MAGAZINE, June 2012: “Affordable off-grid solar: More often than not solar generation fails to deliver in poor, rural off-grid communities, but new business models that spread the cost of solar electricity are making their mark.”

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01 Apr ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY Magazine: Fully Charged

“…Simpa Networks, a Bangalore-based firm has taken the Biblical refrain ‘Let there be Light’ into power-starved rural homes. Quite understandable, since 75 million households in India don’t have electricity and 150 million make do with partial electricity. “We arrived at this concept by introducing a

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10 Feb MEMEBURN: 10 Hot Indian startups you should know about

“Unlocking Solar through Mobile” Simpa sells distributed energy solutions on a “Progressive Purchase” basis to underserved consumers in emerging markets. Using Simpa, customers make a small initial down payment for a solar Photo Voltaic system and then pre-pay for the energy service, topping up their

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