14 Nov VIDEO: Simpa at PopTech 2011

Paul Needham: Owning electricity From PopTech 2011: Paul Needham explains how Simpa Networks makes solar energy simple, accessible and affordable for households in underserved markets. By using a pay-as-you-go pricing structure modeled after mobile phone cards, Simpa gives its customers ownership of the electricity. Once

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12 Nov SPRINGWISE: Pay-as-you-go in India

From Springwise: “About a year ago we wrote about Nokero’s effort to replace kerosene with solar-powered light bulbs in the developing world, and recently we came across a like-minded initiative that takes such goals even further. Based in Bangalore, India, Simpa Networks has developed

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26 Oct treehugger: Selling Solar Like A Cell Phone Plan

Paul Needham, the co-founder and president of Simpa Networks and a Poptech Social Innovation Fellow, thinks that his company’s pricing model will make solar power affordable for some of the most disadvantaged people in the world. I sat down with Needham at this year’s Poptech

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